Seabee Library

CAN-DO! - The Story of The Seabees, 1944, By William Bradford Huie - Bluejacket Books. Huie was a Seabee Lt. - j.g. who was so inspired by the work that he witnessed that he accurately recorded the war from the Seabee perspective in both the Atlantic and Pacific. Huie followed with an even more in depth book: FROM OMAHA TO OKINAWA - The Story of The Seabees, in September 1945. These two books answer all questions about where the Seabees fought and exactly what and how they accomplished their awesome tasks. Both are available from the Seabee Historical Foundation ; Or phone the Seabee Historical Foundation store at: 1-805-982-5168


MY B-29 STORY, 2003, By Roger Sandstedt - B-29 Central Fire Control (Top) Gunner. Roger's very detailed account of his many B-29 experiences in WWII. Flying in "Lady Be Good" as a member of the 58th Bomb Wing from India and Tinian, a reader is told all aspects of the Pacific B-29 campaign. This book has many very detailed illustrations, maps, documents and even a detailed explanation of the computerized remote controlled gunnery system . Roger shares many personal experiences that allow the reader to fully appreciate the B-29 effort that ultimately destroyed the Japanese Empire. If you wish to know all about the B-29 and the brave Americans that flew this marvelous aircraft - this book will satisfy. MY B-29 STORY is available from: Roger L. Sandstedt - phone 636-825-2353 or email - Roger Sandstedt