112th NCB Corpsman Lewis Foster,1945


9th NCB Camp on Tinian, 1945


B-29 That didn't make it into North Field


Japanese Tomb on Okinawa


Jap Tomb "We had to spray one with DDT and seal it when we first got here" - LEF.


Dick Gaines - 112th NCB Corpsman


Tyre "Dink" Galloway - 112th NCB Corpsman


Galloway giving Clarence Moffitt - 112th NCB Corpsman a haircut


9th NCB B-29,505th Bomb Group, 9th NCB Commander at left, Pilot "Big Spook"-Charles W. Johnson at right. "9th Sea Bees" was lost on 26 May 1945 with a replacement crew; "Big Spook" and the original crew survived.


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